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Meet the Tamerlane team: Rae Lland, Marketing Director

Meet the Tamerlane team: Rae Lland, Marketing Director

By Allison Cohn

Rae Lland is well versed in the way of words; she’s always been a writer, both personally and professionally. So when she found herself “propelled by a sense of frustration with the injustice of cannabis prohibition” on a personal level in 2013, a friend recommended she put her words to work. Lland was tired of seeing her friends get arrested for minor cannabis infractions in her home state of New Jersey, and was dismayed by the general sense of fear and anxiety that seemed to haunt something she knew to be so innocuous and beneficial to herself and others.


Lland began contributing regularly to a cannabis blog and meeting people in the industry who were mostly located across the country from her on the West Coast. This position was her jumping off point, quickly evolving into an editing role for The Leaf Online, focusing on industry news regarding cannabis laws, growing and legalization. Here, she also covered a myriad of content on cannabis culture, cannabis health and wellness, and arguments for legalization.

Soon after beginning with The Leaf Online she was offered a secondary position as the editor for Weedist, further cementing her career in the burgeoning cannabis industry. Here, she had the opportunity to interview industry professionals and noteworthy people and continue delving into cannabis culture content. Additionally, Lland was contributing to Cannabis Now Magazine’s print editions, where she explored how cannabis laws were affecting people in the then-illicit market and the perpetuating injustices.

“I was fueled by a desire to see equity in the world at large,” says Lland, “and a huge part of that is definitely undoing the war on drugs — or at least ending it.”

In 2016, Lland went on to join Leafly as a regular contributor, and became what one Leafly editor described as “our longest tenured freelance writer.” Here, she was able to delve more deeply into the wellness aspects of cannabis, interviewing physicians and writing a wealth of content related to health. She speaks highly of her experience as a contributor for Leafly, and continues to contribute occasionally.

Then, in 2020, a long-time colleague of Lland’s reached out to her and let her know she was leaving a position with Aperon Corporation, and thought she would be a good fit for it. After speaking with the team at Aperon, Lland became super excited about what they and subsidiaries Tamerlane Trading and Big Tree Grading are doing. “It was the first time I came away from an interview feeling genuinely motivated and excited that I could be a part of something big.”

Lland started off at Aperon as the Social Media Manager, but quickly moved into a larger role as their Marketing Director. “I wear a lot of hats. I handle everything related to marketing and I’m the lead editor for Tamerlane and Big Tree News. I also manage a lot of projects internally with help from small teams of creatives,” she says.

It shouldn’t surprise you that Lland’s favorite part of working with Aperon is how much the company values trust and transparency — in both the business that they do with their clients, but also in every interaction internally within the company. “Everyone I work with is so great and open, which makes an environment where it’s easy to grow,” she says.

Lland looks forward to continuing to grow with Aperon and seeing how the journey takes shape. She’s thrilled to be a part of that journey and can’t wait to see their services take off on a national and — eventually — global level.


As the industry hurtles towards legalization, Lland says, “I feel it’s only a matter of time before cannabis is federally legal and prohibition is a thing of the past. I believe this will happen much sooner than people may expect.”

However, while great progress is taking place, Lland laments the damage the war on drugs has already done, especially to communities of color. She speaks of the many people still in prison for cannabis and other medicinal plants, or who are out of prison but have a record that prevents them from being successful. “I strongly feel that the success and wealth of the cannabis industry should be open and available to those who suffered during prohibition and who are continuing to suffer today because of it,” she says.

She sees the sudden interest in cannabis from those who previously had no stake in it, due to the industry’s growth and undeniable lucrativeness. She is glad that public opinion has reached a positive tipping point, but emphasizes the importance of credit, acknowledgement and opportunity for those from the legacy industry who pushed and fought to make today possible. “It’s really important that we don’t lose sight of that,” she stresses. “Opportunities ought to be available for those who have emerged from prohibition with a record. And I’ll continue to push for those still in prison to have their freedom. It’s unconscionable.”

As for her personal relationship to cannabis, Lland says it was sparked out of curiosity and evolved into “immersing with the culture” through those close to her. This relationship evolved when she established a medicinal relationship with the plant herself, and saw those around her benefiting from it as well. Lland will never claim that cannabis is a cure-all, but she says that “it is a medicine for us and for the earth.”

“My relationship with cannabis today is centered around respect for what the plant can do to improve lives and an appreciation for it as a natural medicine that can help so many people — and ultimately help the planet, when we embrace hemp and replace the non-biodegradable materials filling our landfills and oceans.”


When she’s not writing professionally, she’s generally writing as a hobby. Lland loves to focus on her creative writing in her downtime and does a lot of reading, from fiction in genres such as magical realism and mysteries to nonfiction books on the topic of psychology and the inner workings of the human mind.

She’s also a big plant enthusiast, and loves to garden and collect houseplants. When she resided in New Jersey, her backyard would be bursting with big, beautiful Jersey tomatoes, and now that she’s in Florida, she enjoys exploring the unique tropical plants available. Relocating to Florida has allowed her to be closer to her family and enjoy the sunshine and the ocean — plus, she’s gotten to further explore the medical cannabis market in the Sunshine State.

For fun, Lland says “nature is my happy place,” and that she loves any opportunity to get outside. Hiking, camping, beach days, traveling and exploring new places makes her “heart feel full.”

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