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KIEF wanted. We have open buy orders for quality kief.

  • Product: Indoor preferred

  • COA: Pass

  • Total THC: N/A

  • Pesticide: Non-Detect

  • Buyer Price points: $1.75 - $2.25/gr

  • Quantity: 10 - 15lbs per month

  • Notes: Buyers looking for consistent, reliable suppliers of kief for monthly orders.

SELL NOW: CALL (949)-742-1934 OR EMAIL

Premium Flower Wanted

  • Strains: Hype Strains

  • Product Code: INAFHT

  • Environment: Indoor

  • Product: A-Flower

  • Process: Hand Trim or Machine Trim with hand touch

  • Grade: 90+ (see more about grading)

  • Buyer Price points: $1.75 - $2.25/gr

  • Quantity: 20 - 50lbs monthly commitment

  • Tested: Yes

  • Notes: Buyer looking for a consistent reliable supplier of premium quality flower for long-term partnership.

SELL NOW: CALL (949)-742-1934 OR EMAIL
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