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Violet Gro - Special LED Lighting Offer

Tamerlane Exclusive Offer!

Special LED Lighting Offer from Violet Gro Exclusively from Tamerlane.

We at Tamerlane are happy to announce an exclusive offer for reduced price LED lighting from Violet Gro!

  • Not enough power to run the number of lights needed?
  • Not enough HVAC to cool your rooms?
Violet Gro designed a light just for your problem. The HELOS light is only 210w and produce a staggering 700-PPF, while operating at an extremely low 70 degrees Fahrenheit. Violet Gro was able to achieve this by using our patented omni directional lens material combined with a highly reflective aluminum that directs 100% of the photons directly to the canopy.
Over the years we found many growers who are maxed out on power and can’t run anymore lights. So, we were asked to design a light that would deliver enough photons to flowering plants but operate under 300w. After years of testing, Violet Gro developed the HELOS, the most efficient cannabis light on the market.
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Exclusive Offer!

LED 210Watt
Extremely low Watt draw with high Blue, Red and Far-Red spectrum.
Each 8’ light covers 16sqft of canopy.

Retail Price: $1,199.00
Sale Price: $500.00

Shipping from Melbourne, FL additional.

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Act Now - Limited Stock Available!

Contact Violet Gro at the information below and mention the Tamerlane Offer!

Phil McCutcheon
Global Head of Sales
Violet Gro
Seattle WA
Cell: 425-530-5651
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