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Our mission is to provide licensed cannabis operators with the simplest and highest value transactions based on transparency, trust and service.

Who we are

Tamerlane is the world's first quality verified cannabis marketplace and leading bulk wholesale online cannabis marketplace. We offer 100,000+ lbs of graded material valued +$5MM from 100s of localized suppliers. Buyers and sellers see a 90% reduction in returns with third-party quality verification and our exclusive Certificate of Grade (COG). Our professional brokers and customer success team leverage a wealth of industry experience to create a consistent, reliable supply chain which allows your business to scale.


with a reliable supply chain that enables your business growth through tools such as an intuitive marketplace, quality verification and a certificate of grade which provides transparency, insights, data and trust.


in Washington State, U.S.A., and quickly grew to become the region’s leading marketplace and achieve a global presence.


to our clients through our intuitive marketplace, comprehensive personalized brokerage and supply chain services.

Our Values

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Being vulnerable takes courage. By being comfortable getting uncomfortable we remain open to growth.

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Knowledge, understanding, intuition, learning, truth. Our curiosity is data driven; we learn by asking questions.

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The core of any relationship is transparency and integrity. Accountability, commitment and respect are fundamental to the way we operate.

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“There is no greater purpose than service to others.” - Socrates

When our clients and industry thrive, we thrive.

Areas Served

We serve operators internationally who trade with Canada. Nationally, we serve operators within Washington state, with greater West Coast expansion on the horizon. If you are outside our stated service areas and are interested in accessing our services, reach out! We are always expanding and would love to connect.

Proud Member and Supporter

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International Cannabis and Hemp Standards
ICHS's mission is to ensure transparency, consistency and integrity throughout the cannabis and hemp supply chains - from the farmer to the consumer.

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The Cannabis Alliance
The Cannabis Alliance's mission as a non-profit is to tell the real story about cannabis through education, advocacy, and setting the highest possible industry standards.

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Cannabis Observer
Cannabis Observer helps dismantle the prohibition of cannabis by creating outstanding information about cannabis policymaking in Washington state for stakeholders, the public, and policymakers themselves.

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The International Cannabis Farmers Association
The ICFA is a group of Cannabis farmers, scientists, and other thoughtful stakeholders working together to promote the unique quality and ecological benefits of sun grown Cannabis products while preserving the heritage of traditional farming communities.