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The best access to the best material, leads to the best products.

Buyers in the Tamerlane Marketplace experience consistent growth and a 60% increase in Fair Market value.

Buyers on the marketplace have access to 100,000+ pounds of graded material from 100s of local suppliers, and third-party quality verification provides an additional layer of trust and transparency reducing returns by more than 90%. Our team of professional brokers negotiate prices and long-term supply agreements at Fair Market prices, making it possible for you focus on your core business.

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Quality Verified Material

Grading save you time and money by determining the quality of cannabis before you buy so you don't have to. Erase doubt with our Certificate of Grade which provide valuable insight for a wide variety of product types such as attribute grades, testing and other essential information.

Wholesale Brokerage

Maintaining and managing a sourcing team equals less time and more cost. Our team of professional brokers draw from a wealth of industry experience to create a consistent, reliable supply chain which allows your business to have the material it needs to scale. Focus on your growth, let us do the rest.

Transparency Tools

Negotiate in real time and make offers on products that meet your needs but not your budget. Find amazing opportunities with our deal indicator, review photos of the exact product you'll receive, taken by a third party quality verified service, and view in depth defect reviews for categories such as mold, fungus, seeds and pest damage.

Fair Market Prices 

Tamerlane provides market knowledge, insights and data to assist the buyer in knowing that they are receiving a Fair Market price for the product they receive.

Industry First

Forward Commitments

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Tamerlane is proud to introduce forward commitments to the cannabis industry, a proven commodity trading strategy that builds a consistent, reliable, and stable sales pipeline. Connect with committed suppliers and enjoy the confidence of future monthly inventory.

Tamerlane Exclusive

Free Market Insights

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We believe in sharing the valuable market insights we are privileged to collect as the leading cannabis and hemp marketplace. Market reports, pricing data, trends and more — as part of our marketplace, you will have access to these insights right alongside us. Let us know the insights you care about.

Access Quality Verified Suppliers

Our KYC process is precise and our commitment to integrity weeds out those who do not share our values of trust, transparency and reliability.

Shop With Confidence

Forward commitments connect dedicated buyers to dedicated suppliers, keeping the supply channel steady and reliable.

Effortless Transactions

Our customer success team handle all aspects of every order, making it easier than ever to sell your product.

Tamerlane Exclusive

Consulting and Support

Tamerlane offers cannabis industry consulting services such as supply chain creation tools, processing support, cash flow support, sales forecasting, purchase planning and indemnity legalese. In addition, we offer templates to manage material workflow and guides to measure your key performance indicators (KPIs), standard operating procedures (SOPs) and Know Your Customer (KYC) setup.

Additional Services

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Order Administration
Tamerlane administers all aspects of each and every order, from payment validation to manifest processing, invoicing and coordinating all the logistics of third party service providers that offer packaging, manufacturing, grading and transportation.

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Lab Testing Administration
Tamerlane works with our vetted network of trusted analytical labs to coordinate all required and requested lab testing and ensure materials are sold with accurate certificates of analysis.

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Transportation Coordination
Our team schedules and coordinates all delivery logistics from our trusted network of third party providers at the lowest possible rates.

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Payment Validation
We make sure payments are handled and all deal conditions have been met. If payments are being managed through a third party, we track the payment until suppliers are paid and material is in buyers’ hands.