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5 Ways Tamerlane Trading Benefits Cannabis Buyers

5 Ways Tamerlane Trading Benefits Cannabis Buyers

By Allison Cohn

Tamerlane provides its buyers with countless advantages when meeting their needs, wants and specifications with consistent, quality-verified cannabis. They work hard to establish and maintain trusted relationships within their extensive network of clients, helping to scale business for everyone involved. From ensuring high quality product from vetted suppliers to putting in the leg work to form compatible business relationships, Tamerlane instills the cannabis industry with next level transparency.

We spoke with two of Tamerlane’s many valued clients — Nancy Drinkard, Sales and Inventory Manager for Grow Op Farms, and TJ McDonald, owner of Binx Buds — to discuss why they enjoy working with Tamerlane as a buyer, and the many benefits Tamerlane provides for their business.


Tamerlane has established its own supply chain throughout its client community, made up of trusted growers who are able to provide consistent and high quality goods for its buyers.

“Tamerlane provides us with great deals,” tells Drinkard. “This stems from their relationships with their farms and clients. We really appreciate that because of Tamerlane’s good relationships with their sellers, buyers get a fair and negotiated price.”


This year, in 2021, Tamerlane launched it’s brand new online marketplace with quality-verified product just a click away for buyers. Offering extensive inventory with product photos, quality and testing information, the ability to make offers on product or buy with a simple click — the Tamerlane marketplace was built to make it easy to find what you need to grow your business and complete transactions with confidence.

McDonald has been utilizing Tamerlane’s online marketplace since its launch, and says, “Tamerlane’s wholesale website saves me so much time sourcing flower. I can see verified nug shots and bulk shots of the actual product on everything. I can negotiate the price, I can set up deliveries. None of the other brokers in the industry have this.”


In addition to offering graded product that is clearly marked by quality-verified badges on the online marketplace, Tamerlane also reports if the product was tested or not, and provides test results up front.

“We appreciate Tamerlane’s transparency. When a product claims it’s free of pesticides, we know that it is,” says Drinkard. “Tamerlane goods are standardized, like any other commodity.”


Tamerlane excels at accurately accommodating its buyer’s needs, wants and specifications. Because all of Tamerlane’s clients are working with graded, quality-verified cannabis, it’s easy to search through their inventory for specific products.

“No matter what the parameter I’m seeking, Tamerlane can find it exactly, or at least very close,” says Drinkard. “They do a great job of finding the product that I need, with a wide scope of product types and price ranges. Tamerlane does lots of leg work so that I don’t have to, which is very much appreciated.”


Tamerlane services go beyond simply matchmaking between buyers and sellers. Their sourcing and sales agents assist clients with everything from transportation logistics to retail marketing. Tamerlane’s team of industry professionals boasts a wide variety of skills so clients don’t have to worry about all of the management and admin responsibilities.

By hiring Tamerlane to take care of all the fine print, buyers are able to stay focused on their core business. “Tamerlane is a huge time saver. It’s a super awesome convenience,” says Drinkard. “If I had to travel throughout the state and visit different farms, I wouldn’t have enough time in the day... or the year!”

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