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Tamerlane Trading Launches the First Quality Verified Online Marketplace for Bulk Wholesale Cannabis

Tamerlane Marketplace World's First Quality Verified Online Cannabis Marketplace

By Allison Cohn

The team at Tamerlane has been extremely busy over the last few years. The incredible amount of information they have accumulated — from vetting their vast network of cannabis suppliers and buyers to quality verifying all of the product passing between them — has helped Tamerlane streamline the process for high quality and successful transactions within the cannabis marketplace.

And they’re taking that marketplace online.

Tamerlane is launching the first ever quality verified wholesale marketplace for cannabis.

According to Tamerlane CEO, Jhavid Mohseni, they didn’t rush into the marketplace until they had every detail completely dialed in. Tamerlane’s hard work, intention and commitment to creating a seamless online cannabis marketplace, with a strong focus on quality verification, has paid off. Tamerlane leadership expresses their gratitude to not only the Tamerlane team but also to the licensed operators who have supported and contributed in their journey to this moment.

The new online marketplace provides clients — from suppliers to buyers — with all of the information necessary to make a well informed buying decision on a super efficient, high quality platform. Tamerlane has 100s of signed agreements with clients and has served 33% of the market since 2016. In addition to granting clients access to millions of dollars worth of localized, available, graded and quality verified inventory, Tamerlane’s online marketplace offers optional, personalized sourcing and sales agent services.

Mohseni describes Tamerlane’s new online marketplace as “the Zillow of cannabis.”

This is a big deal. Here’s why:

Tamerlane’s online marketplace will be completely transparent, providing detailed descriptions of its enormous inventory of cannabis in real time. Clients will have access to each product’s:

  1. Certificate of Grade (via Big Tree Grading, including quantitative characteristics and qualitative attributes such as structure, trichomes, olfactory and defects)
  2. Certificate of Analysis (lab information)
  3. Specific environment, process and product details.

The online marketplace is bringing a meticulous level of insight into the material before the transaction is completed, which is something truly new and unique to the cannabis industry. As a result? Tamerlane reports a 90% decrease in returns and refusals for buyers and suppliers.

The quality verification element of Tamerlane’s online marketplace saves its clients from having to perform an incredible amount of work and research. Instead of sending a team out to meet individual growers at their farms to see, smell and study the product themselves, they simply log onto the marketplace, where a trusted third party has already done the leg work for them and consolidated all of it into an easily digestible format. The amount of time and money saved by Tamerlane clients utilizing its wholesale sourcing and sales agent services was already tremendous, and now with the marketplace, they’ve taken that convenience a huge step further.

Tamerlane’s online marketplace provides clients with so much value:

  • Quality verification for listed material

  • Certificate of Grade

  • High quality supply and demand

  • Trading liquidity of millions of dollars worth of localized, constantly revolving, cannabis inventory

  • Appraisal and fair market pricing information

  • Network of hundreds of locally vetted buyers and suppliers

  • A trusted and safe platform to buy and sell

  • Satisfaction ratings for all buyers and sellers

  • Detailed filters in which to enter specifications

  • Built-in personalized sourcing and sales agent services

Other exclusive features in the marketplace include an optional ‘Make An Offer’ button, where the buyer can offer the supplier a deal and engage in real-time negotiations. There is also an appraisal section, where Tamerlane provides clients further information regarding whether the listed price is above, below or at the current market value.

Tamerlane has created a network of trust and transparency for both sides of the cannabis supply chain. This level of accountability establishes a functional community within the marketplace. The marketplace is built to accommodate all types of clients and their various needs and wants.

Why now?

According to Mohseni, “The process and what mattered became clearly defined and understood, which we determined over time from a manual process.”

Tamerlane has finally wired all of its existing technologies together in order to make the new, high quality marketplace functional:

All of these factors now allow for an efficient, convenient and transparent marketplace in which to buy and sell cannabis from trusted clients and community members.

How will this change the industry going forward?

“It’s going to speed everything up,” says Mohseni. “Our clients have accurate insight and availability to inventory within the supply chain we’ve created.”

Tamerlane will be expanding into new markets in 2021 and the online marketplace’s effect on the cannabis industry has already begun: Other existing marketplaces have asked Tamerlane to integrate their quality verification element into their own sites.

Mohseni stresses that the quality verification aspect is what undoubtedly sets Tamerlane’s services apart from the rest. “It’s a no brainer,” he says. “Quality verification will become the standard way that all marketplaces operate for all wholesale material.”

“Without quality verification, every order is roulette,” he says. “Buyers need their material to show up right, otherwise it screws up their entire production line. Then they [buyers] can’t fulfill orders, lose shelf space as a distributor and consumers end up disappointed.”

“People won’t buy cannabis if it lacks quality verification. If they do, they’re taking a big risk, so they’ll want to pay a much lower price,” says Mohseni.

With Tamerlane’s online marketplace, buyers can find exactly the product they need and be confident that they will receive precisely what they’ve ordered from a trusted and proven supplier. Suppliers can offer their goods to an expansive network of vetted buyers for Fair Market prices, with the opportunity to utilize personalized sourcing and sales agent features. This online marketplace is game changing for the cannabis industry, and Tamerlane is proud to be able to provide its users with this unique platform to access the best quality product available on the market.

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